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Increase your Impact not Your Workload

Bored with your current job and not sure what to do next? Want a promotion but a high workload getting in your way?

My six session coaching package, will put you in the driver’s seat and give you all the tools you need to increase your impact, without increasing your workload.

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One Size Fits One: Leverage your teams uniqueness

Always getting asked the simplest of questions by your team? Wish they would gossip a little less and collaborate a little more?

Strength lies in differences, not similarities. My five session Bootcamp will show you how to leverage your teams uniqueness.

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futureproof Your Business: Culture eats strategy for breakfast.

Struggling to keep your best talent? Taking one step forward, but two steps back?

Culture is what motivates and retains talented employees.

I will partner with you to discover your true staff experience and co-design the solution that helps futureproof your business.

About me

I am a Business Psychologist, Executive Coach, Leadership Facilitator, and champion of learning. Most importantly, I am passionate about helping people love what they do. After all if you do what you love, you will never work a day.

I help people build the right routines to experience the most amount of clarity, control and, most importantly, wellness in this ever-changing world.

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MSc Occupational Psychology

EMCC Coach Practitioner


Over 20 years in talent management, staff engagement, leadership development, coaching and inclusion

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I love camping with my family and long runs with my lurcher (who is like my third child).

Anything outdoors with nature is a win for me.

Culture Change Projects I have worked on

  • Facilitated a 1:1 and team coaching programme that helped move a team from operating in silos to functioning as a team. They described my coaching as "transformational". The team said, "This was exactly what we needed. If you ever get a chance to work with Nazia do it".

  • Developed a Values and Behaviours Leadership Framework, which has been used to align current and future Learning and OD initiatives to maximise organisational success and people experience. My client said, "I always know what I am getting from Nazia - and that is quality".

  • Created an Aspiring Directors Talent Pool, using contemporary job crafting and growth mindset practises. 80% of participants were promoted into roles that truly leveraged their strengths. One said that " I never thought I could find a role that would make me love work again".

  • Built a Diversity and Inclusion Roadmap, with employee voice at heart. Colleagues described the interventions as helping them become their "authentic self at work". The company now has multiple staff networks and Allyship programmes, and have significantly increased minority representation in senior roles.


"As a coach, she’s able to take clients to new levels of self-understanding and empowerment. She has the gift of staying non-directive and yet ensuring that the end of the coaching journey has tangible actions and tools that the client can apply in the real world. She’s up to date with contemporary thinking on organisation leadership and development, and she blends that with her experience of ‘what works’ to ensure she is always adding value to the development of people strategy and its execution"

FCIPD, Deputy Director.

"Nazia has been coaching me for the past few months. She is so talented and amazing as a coach. Every time I came up with a goal for the session, it felt unreachable to me and yet Nazia had the ability to listen and understand and then use her skills to help me achieve the goal. I left every session confident, able and armed with skills. If you ever get the opportunity to have Nazia as a coach, then I would definitely recommend her"

Chief Clinical Psychologist,

NHS Trust.

"Nazia has inspired me to revisit some of the leadership and engagement theory that captured my interest as an Associate Lecturer at University West of England, as well as more formally develop my coaching skills to benefit a wide range of stakeholders. I have loved being part of a leadership strategy brainstorming session for MOD.

A true thought leader, always looking to make a positive difference. Enabling and empowering others in a clear, structured yet creative style

Brilliant coach and facilitator."

HRBP, Civil Service.

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